Other Hermetic axiom is the principle of correspondence: “As above, so below; as below, so above. ” From the principle of correspondence we learn that the same principles that govern the encounter, relationship and connection to the physical plane, regulating relations in the non-physical plans. It can be concluded that the same things that disturb the relationship on the physical plane disrupt the intimacy of the non-physical dimensions. Correspondence also shows that the same conditions should be met in order to experienced intimacy with a partner, Self and the universal consciousness. This means that the authority perception must turn inward, become present and centered in the authentic mind and do what is appropriate.
By transcending the world of Maya people re-establish order and returns to itself, as if by an invisible law finds bliss that is within every living thing, and again is a God who is within it and outside of their own people. See the light in whatever direction the view because it is light in itself and no external influence that cannot be distracted or taken away. The basic commitment to the need to overcome attachment because only attachment to the event or sensation causes suffering and not the karma that comes from it.

“The purpose of human birth is to love God. Realize that love and you will be calm … God has Kalpataru, a tree that fulfills all wishes. You will surely get what you seek from Him. You must stand close Kalptaru. Only then will your prayers will be answered. You have to think of another stvart. God knows our inner feelings. Man gets realization of desires he admires in prayer. How a person thinks, and receiving gifts“
Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna