Yoga is more than just asana. Its real strength is in the transformation of the mind and achieving the highest spiritual aspirations. This blog is designed just like the process that leads a person to itself in place without suffering where only achieved unity with the Divine.

Self-realization is dedicated to promoting authentic yogijskog knowledge through various religious systems; Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Taoism. All these trends are related to the individual as well as individuals who achieved integrity.

I finished Economic Faculty in Zagreb and after three years of professional experience I meet my first spiritual teacher Keith Sherwood. After some time the energy work with him ways we differ. I’m leaving the profession and decide to work on it.

Then find the next spiritual master Georg Feuerstein. I enter the study of yoga that now compelled to end with his spiritual partner Brenda who continues his work after he left the physical world and your physical body.

The teachings that I gathered with his spiritual pursuits and integrity that I have achieved I am imparting here. I can serve as a spiritual authority in their quest and exploration of the psyche and the efforts of the Self to the integrity and unity with God.