“Random encounters often have a deeper meaning. It seems that all this time the sequence of random events. This happens when you become aware of. Correspondence will be constantly fare but it is extremely important to be vigilant at all times … Have you ever had the intuition or premonition that he was about what you want to do, with some direction that you want to follow? Have you wondered how could this happen? And then, after you’ve already almost forgotten in concentrating on other things once you met someone or read something or went somewhere and it took you straight to the opportunities you predicted? … Acts as there is something more than pure chance. We feel as if we are destined, as though our life is controlled by an inexplicable force. This experience creates a sense of mystery and excitement … awareness of peculiar events that change the life of an individual, a feeling that is going on around us … a process of their own uncertainty about the purpose of its existence. It’s time to wake up from this preoccupation and reconsider our original question. What lies behind life on this planet? Why are we really here? … You can have information about each of them, or they would not have their own insights. You need to discover them during our own life … We can do it and that some events compacted before or after, depending on how you think … I think nothing happens by chance ”
“Celestine prophecy”
Consequently cite the sixth Hermetic axiom “Every cause has its result, every effect has its cause; everything happens according to Law; coincidence is the name of a law that is not recognized; There are a lot of causal plans, but nothing can turn back to the law ”